wizards unite runestones

What are the Wizards Unite Runestones and how to get them?

While there are many types of runes out there in the Magical World, we’ll need to search for runestones that help you in the new Harry Potter game.

Runestones are items that you will use to enter Fortresses. (more wiki on Fortress in Wizards Unite)

There are multiple types of runestones. And multiple levels for the runestones.

They will help you unlock the Wizarding Challenges and they determine how difficult a Chamber inside the Fortress will be.

Also, important to remember, they determine how big a prize you will win if you manage to be victorious in the Chamber.

Why do I get multiple types of runestones and how does that matter to my gameplay?

If you’ve been wizarding about for a while now, you probably have quite a few Wizards Unite runestones gathered.

When you look at them, you can see they have various colors. That’s because they belong to different families.

What families are there?

At the moment there are 10 families, and these families are more like areas of expertise, than anything else.

wizards unite runestones and ui

  • Care of Magical Creatures
    Dark Arts
    Hogwarts School
    Legends of Hogwarts
    Ministry of Magic
    Magical Games and Sports
    Mysterious Artefacts
    Wonders of the Wizarding World

According to how many Foundables, of each family you do manage to return, you will see your rank going up for that particular area of expertise.

According to the Rank you have for each family you will have the chance to score a runestone with a level as high as the rank of that certain category. Rank 3 in Dark Arts has the chance of getting you a Level 3 Dark Arts Runestone when you return a Foundable.

How does the type of runestone influence gameplay?

At the end of the Wizarding Challenge you begin in a Fortress, you will get certain rewards.

If one of those rewards is a Registry Reward, then you get a fragment for one of the Foundables placed in the Registry under that particular family.

Therefore: winning in a Fortress after you’ve used a Dark Runestone to enter, you will get a Foundable from the Dark Arts category.

Is the Level of the Wizards Unite Runestones the only element which influence the difficulty of a Chamber?

NO. The difficulty is also influenced by the number of players who join the particular chamber you’re in.

Do the stones help me start a Lobby?

Yes. If you’re the first one to the Fortress who uses a stone, then you will create a lobby and other players in the area can join.

You’ll all place Wizards Unite Runestones together and join with different professions to beat the Chamber of the Fortress.

As players, you are the ones who influence the level of difficulty. And the more difficult you make the chamber, the higher the rewards you will get.

Do the stones allow me to join a Chamber that already has other players ready?


So, how do you get runestones?

To get them in Wizards Unite, you need to rank up the registry categories (the families I’ve mentioned above).

You get them when:

  • you rank up families
  • you return a Foundable (not always, of course)
  • you add a sticker to the registry (meaning, you’ve brought together all the fragments for that Foundable)

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