hermione granger

Hermione Granger. One of the best witches from the Wizarding World.

It is true that the wizarding world is filled with amazing witches and wizards. However, none is quite as cunning and clever as Mrs. Hermione. Which does beg the question: “Why is she Griffindor?” Her cunning and ability should have made her an illustrious Slytherin.

Oh, yes. I guess it has to do with the fact that she is not a pure-blood. Which in this case is pretty stupid, because other than the “blood” Hermione Granger possesses all the important requirements of becoming a Slytherin.

I think she would be a much better fit for that Great House than the House of Griffindor. Even though she is seen around dangerous circumstances, you can’t exactly say that she jumps heads-on into danger.