Hufflepuff Merchandise for an Epic Wizards Unite Experience

Witches and Wizards Unite under the Yellow colors of the beloved Hufflepuff Merchandise.

These days you don’t have to go down the Diagon Alley to find the things you need, nor do you need to pass the pile of large barrels in Hogwart’s Corridor to get access to some good ‘ol Hufflepuff merch.

You simply need to browse our wizard-friendly site.

So what should we start this merch section with? – I know.. let’s see our favorite wands from this amazing House of Witchcraft and Wizardry:

Wands of Hufflepuff Members:

hufflepuff merchandise

Luna Lovegood’s wand.

One of the Harry Potter series’ characters that really captivated the audience’s hearts, Luna is a great example for the beloved House with bee-like colors.

If wands are your thing then get this wand asap, because the quality is astounding. Shipping will take a while, but did you know that by purchasing this wand from our geek store, you are actually helping entire classes of high school students get access to better education? – 50% of the margins for all merchandise are donated to classes in need of help.

This wand (the one in the series, I mean, not the one you buy in our merch store) was made by Ollivander himself, after he was rescued from the Malfoy Manor. It’s Mrs. Lovegood’s second wand and instead of having the wand choose the witch, this one was made specifically for her.

It didn’t sit idle, and was even used to duel Bellatrix Lestrange, probably the fiercest witch of her times.

Oh, yes, and did I mention that the tullip at the end of this magical object is absolutely amazing? If you don’t get this one for yourself, make sure you gift it to one of your friends. Hufflepuff merchandise makes for really interesting presents.

Even though Luna saw death very early in her life, she did not cause it to anyone, so this wand is a pretty safe one.

Speaking of safe (non-Avada-Kedavra) wands, we can get you one that has a bit more experience from one of the characters who fans always say should have been a Gryffindor, though I agree the sorting hat knew what it was doing when placing him in Hufflepuff… Newt Scamander.

His affinity for magical creatures speaks volumes about the decision to join the yellow colored House and writing this just now makes me wonder if he was BFFs with Hagrid.

Looking for items that are not Hufflepuff merchandise? – Try this out then.

hufflepuff merchandise

Newt Scamander Wand

This is an interesting piece of merch, isn’t it?

First of all:

  • it looks really cool (click the link to see full-size)
  • this one has seen tons of action

So do you want the wand of the ultimate beast master? This is your chance.

“We wanted it to relate somehow to the animal kingdom, but we thought it was sort-of inappropriate to give him anything that might have a trophy feel to it. We didn’t think he would be into that at all. The main part of this one is wood.” – a description of this wand.

Limewood, shell, bones and other elements… like:

The handle was made from belemnite, which is a fossilised inner skeleton of ancient squids

What I personally love about it is that it is very simple, yet it 100% portrays this character’s love for wild life. Nothing related to the wand resembles a trophy of any kind.

Oh, and the texture is fantastic.

Well, stay tuned as we will post new Hufflepuff merchandise very soon.