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Wizards Unite Merchandise that will make you go WOW!

Guaranteed. From cosplay items, to magical wands, to figures of characters found in the Wizards Unite AR game, this page and our shop on OneGeek has it all.

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Hundreds of children have had better educational experiences thanks to the customers who purchased Harry Potter gear.

Wizards Unite Merchandise

Find your brand new favorites and get to really live the story from the new Harry Potter AR Game.

You can take these merchandise items with you on your journey, as you conquer dungeons and bring back the foundables to their rightful place in the Magical World

Get your friends involved and when you’re out questing in the game, trying to find more energy, collecting rare foundables and more, you can all wear your favorite gear and get more into-character.

wizards unite merchandise
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From Hufflepuff Merch, to exciting items from Griffindor, Slytherin and Ravenclaw, I think we cover some great exclusives.

You can get to satisfy your desire for premium Harry Potter gear while also making sure that your money doesn’t just reach the banks of Gringotts, but also the hearts and minds of wonderful children from poor environments across the US, who need help in order to get access to better education.

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My new Draco Malfoy harry potter wand is amazing. Did not expect such quality design.

Dan Virgillito

Interior Designer

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