Hermione Wand – Mrs Granger’s One of a Kind Magic Wand

Known through-out the fandom as the Hermione Wand, this special item will bring joy into your HP fan life.

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Now, this amazing wand has an intriguing story behind it. Of course it has one. Mrs Granger is one amazing Harry Potter character and a definite fan favorite!

Who has ever wielded the Hermione Wand inside the Harry Potter series? Was it only our favorite witch, or did this magical wand fall into the hands of other people as well?

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hermione wand

The wand chooses the Witch. This find wand here chose a certain:

Hermione Jean Granger.

Who went one to weave this magnificent wand and become one of the bravest Gryffindors of all times.

What was the length of the mysterious Hermione Wand?

13 inches.

Of course, our dear friend from Diagon Alley, Ollivander would want you to know that within this wand lies the heart of a Dragon.

The wands core is:

Dragon heartstring core.

It is made of:

Vine Wood.

As far as flexibility goes for Hermione’s wand, it’s all:

Quite Bendy.

There you have it. Now we know the characteristics of this wand. Any serious student at Hogwarts, school of WitchCraft and Wizardry would pay very close attention to such details.

Is there anything these characteristics say about the wand… or the wielder?

The View Wood of the Wand.

If you’ve been following the Harry Potter events in the Wizarding World, then you know this young, muggle-born witch has been one of a kind. Even though many times she could have easily been dismissed for being an annoying know-it-all.

She is beyond any stereotypes. And so is her wand.

The epic hermione wand is made out of Vine Wood.

Vine wands are among the most uncommon types of wands in any reputable shop. Also, there have been few witches and wizards being selected by wands made of Vine wood.

The druids considered vines to be same as tree, due to having a woody stem.

The vine wands are attracted by personalities with hidden depths. They instantly detect and cast magical effects when they are in the presence of a witch or wizard for whom it’s a match. Ollivander wrote this note in one of his journals. He experienced such a phenomenon twice in his store.

Other traits:

  • seek a higher purpose
  • have a vision beyond the ordinary
  • frequently astound other who think they know them best

Well, if you know Hermione Granger, then you know these traits to be embodied by her.


Wands with dragon heartstrings are able to cast some of the most explosive spells.

Put this one into the hands of a smart witch with powerful intellectual capabilities, and you know she’s going to become someone great and of notice in the Wizarding World.

Dragon wands learn faster than the other types of wands, so theoretically the wielder could learn more spells at a faster pace, because the wand could keep up easily.

Dark Arts are a main point of attraction for wand with this component. It’s the easiest one you could turn to the Dark Arts, even though the wand itself would never incline to that direction of its own accord and will not influence the user.

Oh, yes, and when I did mention “explosive” it also has the meaning of: things could explode when casting with this wand. It is somewhat temperamental. It’s most prone to accidents.

A thing to keep in mind, when thinking of buying your own Hermione Wand with all these characteristics from our magical store.

The 13 inches

Some observations, cast in notebooks by professional and reputable wand makers state that longer wands are associated with those wielders who are most complete on the inside: whether it is intelligence, personal satisfaction, happiness, a sense of achieving great purpose, etc.

Nine to fourteen inches wands are the most common, even though sometimes wands are of other lenghts.

Quite Bendy

This is a feature which could reflect the eagerness and probability of mrs. Granger to change and adapt to other ideals, situations or opinions.

This was what we could gather until now about the Hermione Wand.

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